New York City in the Fall

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New York City in the Fall

Enjoy one of the best seasons in New York City and the brisk fall temperatures! Obviously, there are many things to do in the city, but these are my personal favorites during autumn.


Fall Foliage in New York City

Fort Tryon Park

Hike through the beautiful arching trees and take a moment to sit and enjoy the views of the city at Linden Terrace. At one of New York City’s highest points, you will have a wonderful view of the vivid colors on the 20 miles of cliffs located across the water.

Prospect Park

The park’s trees progressively change color throughout the season. Sugar and red maples will be first to turn to red and orange followed by the elm, sour gum, and sassafras displaying their colors, usually later in October.  

Check out the densely wooded area at the center of the park, known as the Ravine, for the highest concentration of plants.

Fall Foliage in New York City

Riverside Park

This Upper West Side park is the perfect place to take a leisurely stroll on a beautiful brisk fall morning. There tend to be fewer tourists, therefore this is more of a “New Yorker” kind of place.

Central Park

New York City in the Fall

Everyone is familiar with this park. However, few have seen this amazing place in its entirety! Consider starting at the Conservatory near Fifth Avenue and 72nd Street.  

Here you will enjoy the beautiful scenery of the hawthorn trees mixed with gorgeous berries.

Continue walking north to the middle of the park where you find the Ramble. Find the large tupelo tree in the Tupelo Meadow where the leaves will be in various shades of red, yellow, and purple. Walk to the North Woods alongside the Ravine and enjoy the peacefulness of the babbling (can it be still and babble at the same time?) brooks, a variety of birds chirping, and fall foliage. 

Stroll onward till you reach the Great Hill and be on the lookout for the orange and red beech trees. Take your time and enjoy a beautiful fall day.

Bethesda Fountain

New York Botanical Garden and Grounds

If you get tired of wandering the many parks of the city, consider visiting this 250-acre botanical garden where you will be able to see the city’s largest grouping of old-growth forest.  Some of the trees date all the way back to the 19th century! 

Maple, oak, and sweet gum trees are prevalent throughout this area. Take the Seasonal Walk path to see gorgeous flowers, a waterfall, and some duck families in the Conservatory Courtyard Pools.

A hideaway in New York City

A hideaway

Head over to Grove Street between Bedford Street and Hudson River Greenway to find a private, concealed alleyway with a cobblestone courtyard. 

While you must be careful not to trespass onto the property, you should be sure to take in the picturesque ivy-covered townhouses intermingled with color filled trees and doorsteps adorned with pumpkins.

Things to Do Chelsea Flea Market

Things to Do

Chelsea Flea Market

Where: 29 West 25th Street between 6th Ave and Broadway

When: Every Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

I am so happy that this is back!!! Check this place out for all kinds of antiques, vintage and misc. objects. You can find everything from comic books and coins to vintage clothes and furniture. Be sure to enjoy food from various vendors at the Smorgasburg food area. This is an open-air market that gives you all the “You’ve Got Mail” in New York City feels.

Giant Dogs in New York City in the Fall

Giant Dogs

Check out the ginormous dog sculptures, by Will Kurtz, made from recycled single-use plastic bags in the Garment District. There are six dogs: Maisy, a Pug; Stanley, a Basset hound; Spicy, a Chihuahua; Harriet, an English bulldog; Gomer, a Bullmastiff; and Daphne, a Vizsla. 

Find these hounds in the Garment District between 38th and 40th streets only until November 20th.

Space Bubble Dining

Space Bubble Dining

Café du Soleil located on the Upper West Side has introduced “space bubbles” to enjoy your meal in. There are 18 bubbles total allowing group seating for 2-6 people per bubble. This restaurant offers a robust cassoulet, grass-fed steak, and Le Coq Au Vin Au Riesling chicken. 

Fall into the enchanting embrace of New York City as the leaves paint the cityscape with a breathtaking tapestry of colors

Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market in New York.

Located in the Meatpacking District, this world renowned indoor food and retail market is always worth a visit. Check out all the pumpkin displays and fall food options. 

Immerse yourself in the vibrant flavors, colors, and energy of Chelsea Market in New York City during the magical autumn season.

Recently, the market has set up over 115 socially distanced tables where fifteen vendors are offering options from tacos to lobster rolls and gelato.

Make sure you check out the Damselfly Florist for some gorgeous displays.

Farmers Markets

Famous Market New York City in the Fall

You can’t get much more fall than wandering through aisles of pumpkins, gourds and other autumn produce in the middle of New York City! Here are some of my favorites:

  • Union Square – Union Square W and E 17th Street
  • Upper West Side – Columbus Ave and W. 77th Street
  • Rockefeller Center – 50th Street North Plaza

Bryant Park Festivals

Where to Stay in New York City

There is always something going on in this famous square so make sure to head over and see what’s going on during your time in New York City.

Where to Stay in New York City

New York City has many fabulous places to stay during your visit. Here are a few of my favorites:

Super Splurge: The Plaza

Pricey: The Ritz-Carlton Central Park

Mid-Range: citizenM 

Budget: Best Western Plus Hospitality Hotel

Super Budget: U.S. Pacific Hotel

Enjoy one of the best seasons in New York City and the brisk fall temperatures! Obviously, there are many things to do in the city, but these are my personal favorites during autumn.

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