Bar Alegre

Bar Alegre

A Must Stop!!

This place is a little hard to find but absolutely amazing once you do! If you “Google Maps” this place, it will take you to the general area but you will need to find the neon sign for building 3F. Once you’ve located the building,  walk up to the third floor and find the half-door at the end of the hallway with the sword located above it. You will need to crouch, or you may choose to do the Limbo in order to make an entry. 

Bar Alegre

It is a top-rated bar in the city and you will instantly see why! This is not just any bar.  You’ll be visiting a world-class establishment that handcrafts each drink to your specific tastes. All you need to do is tell the bartender, usually the owner, what spirits you like then relax and enjoy the custom drinks and their beautiful presentations.

Bar Alegre

The bartender is very friendly and made us some delicate paper cranes.  He also gave us advice on what to see and do around Hiroshima and Miyajima Island and Himeji. Do not miss this place!!!

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Best Time to Visit: This incredible bar is open every day, except for Sunday, from 7 p.m. to 2 a.m.

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