Mars Hill (Areopagus)

Mars Hill Athens Greece

No doubt you have heard of this place in some form or fashion. If you follow the Christian faith, then you’ll recognize this to be where the Apostle Paul delivered his famous speech about the identity of God as found in Acts 17. Near the base of the stairs, you will find a small bronze plaque with the Greek text of Paul’s sermon.

According to Greek mythology, Ares (the god of war) was tried for murder here, by the gods, for the killing of Poseidon’s son Alirrothios. Yes, I know, these names are a mouthful…

Mars Hill (Areopagus)

The actual history of the hill centers around elders, the Senate, who held a council in this location. It also was the scene of criminal trials of homicides and arson that occurred in the area. At the foot of the hill, you can find a temple dedicated to Erinyes, where murderers could find sanctuary and be able to evade prosecution.

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Best Time to Visit: Travel Note: Wear flat shoes that have a good grip for scaling the slippery stone hill. There are 7-8 tall stone steps to climb, or you can find a modern metal staircase nearby.

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Mars Hill Athens Greece


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