Oscar-Claude Monet’s Home and Gardens

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Visit Giverny and you are literally stepping into a painting. Oscar-Claude Monet had his country house and gardens in the town of Giverny, his source of inspiration and masterpiece. Perhaps what is most impressive about Monet’s home is that he constructed his gardens and then painted them, thus creating such a beautiful work of art twice in two different mediums.

Monet's House

Monet embodied this by himself saying, “I am only good at two things, and those are: gardening and painting.” How surreal to walk across the very Japanese bridge featured in many of his paintings, to glance down into the pond and see his famous waterlilies in nature rather than hanging in the Metropolitan Museum of Art. You can schedule a guided tour through the gardens and Monet’s house or simply take your time leisurely meandering through some of his greatest works.  

Should you find yourself in Paris be sure to stop by the fifth floor of the Musée d’Orsay to see paintings by Monet and other Impressionists.

Monet Garden

Fun Fact:

Louis Leroy, an art critic, and playwright were not convinced of the validity of the Impressionist movement, claiming, “Impression I was certain of it. I was just telling myself that, since I was impressed, there had to be some impression in it — and what freedom, what ease of workmanship! A preliminary drawing for a wallpaper pattern is more finished than this seascape.” He unknowingly coined the phrase for what became the most influential art movement in history.

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