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There is never enough time to do everything you want to do so here are a few things that I didn’t get to do but will on my next trip to Capri:

Grotta di Matermania

This limestone cave is on the island’s southeast side and was used by the Romans as a Nymphaeum. Not sure what that means; well, it is a monument dedicated to nymphs. Now that I have cleared that up… I can tell you that it is near the Natural Arch, close to the Le Grottelle restaurant, and that there have been a lot of archeological explorations in this cave.


This small footpath is considered one of the most beautiful walks on the island of Capri. The route runs until it meets a narrow and extremely steep flight of steps that leads to the Grotta di Matermania. Scholars have discovered that the cave was used for cult rituals to the divinities of Mitra or Cibele, the fertility goddess. If you want to continue your walk to the Natural Arch, climb the next 200 steps to reach this formation.

Natural Arch

This natural limestone arch forms a bridge between two larch pillars of stone. Archeologists believe this is the only remaining cavern piece that has long since eroded. The arch can only be reached on foot. There are two separate paths to choose from. You can find the first one from Piazzetta and follow the signs towards Villa Jovis. The second is a more scenic path starting from the Gardens of Augustus and passes by the Faraglioni, and continues around the island’s southeastern coastline. Take caution if you opt for the second choice; some very steep and narrow steps lead to the Arch.

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