Rothenburg ob der Tauber Ramparts

rothenburg ramparts


Start at Marktplatz and end at the Saint Wolfgang Church. The total distance is 2.9 miles. If you want to do a shorter walk, start at Marktplatz and turn around once you arrive at Siebersturm, the Sifter Maker’s Tower.

There are over 40 towers and gates in the walls that surround the city. Most of the walls were constructed in 1400 and strengthened in the 17th century. After the Thirty Years’ War, the town was impoverished and could not afford to update the town to modern standards and remove the walls. So, they have remained for your enjoyment.

Travelers began visiting in earnest in the mid-19th century.  This brought much-needed funding to the area and promoted the town’s tourism industry. The city walls were a major draw.

If you find yourself in this lovely town in less than favorable weather, consider walking the rampart. It is mostly covered and gives you a wonderful view of the town and surrounding vineyards.

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