2023 Holiday Gift Guide

Holiday gift guide

Having trouble trying to decide what to give those loved ones in your life that are hard to shop for? If they enjoy traveling, then get them something they actually want and can use to explore the world!

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Travel Packing Cubes

Pack more in less space! This really helps when going to a cold climate with bulky clothing. Protect and condense sweaters, jackets, etc. while keeping your luggage organized. The packing cubes also help keep the clothes from wrinkling too badly.

I also like to keep an empty cube to put laundry in so when I go to a laundromat or use laundry facilities, I can pretty much just dump out the cube. I use these on every trip, and I am not sure how I traveled without them for so long.

These particular packing cubes have also been featured in Conde Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure!

Best Nail Polish

I have extremely brittle and weak nails that just shred and break during daily life. Then you tack on packing, throwing luggage around, and I just end up shattering whatever is left of my nails. However, I found a miracle treatment!!

I have tried just about every nail polish on the planet trying to just keep my nails from being destroyed and nothing has worked. I have used several of the NailAid products and have been extremely happy with each of them. My favorites are the Keratin Three-Day Growth, Biotin Ultimate Strength, and Iron Top Coat.

I layer these guys up and never have an issue. I have even been able to grow my nails out and they look lovely. Plus it is easy to throw them in a bag and every few days, add another coat.

Cadence Travel Containers

These little pods are the greatest invention! They don’t break, leak or get lost. Magnets keep all your Cadence capsules together and organized.

I love that you can create custom labels or pick from some of the stock ones. You can even use the icons provided on the site. No more having to squeeze bottles and not be able to get everything out. These capsules allow you to fill them up easily and get all the product out.


I purchased this AWAY suitcase several years ago and have been so happy with how it has held up. I generally travel with a carry-on only so trying to find a bag that is able to carry all that is necessary is a bit tough. This one makes it easy! I love the separate zippered compartment and the ability to expand it a bit if necessary. It will fit into the overhead bin of most major airlines.

One of my favorite features is the 360° spinner wheels that handle most terrain with ease. I also don’t get tight shoulders and neck while using AWAY luggage. Another great feature is the laundry bag that is provided in every bag. It makes it easier to separate out clothes to make sure you don’t mix the clean and dirty. Love this bag!

Passport Wallet

Have you left your driver’s license, credit card, or even worse, your passport behind? Well, this compact holder keeps your passport, vaccine card, money, cards, and anything else you might need handy. I love that it has a special place for my vaccine card where it won’t get tattered.

One of the best features of this particular passport holder is the RFID blocking material used inside to shield your personal information.

Best Camera Strap

Not all camera straps are alike. This Peak Design camera strap is extremely versatile and easy to use in any shooting situation. I love how it cinches up and quickly releases when you need it. The internal padding makes it comfortable and the rubber lines on the strap help keep it in place.

The material is very much like a seatbelt which makes it very durable and easy to maneuver. Another cool thing about the Peak Design Camera Strap is ability to remove the strap if you no longer need it like on a tripod. The quick connectors are easy to connect and disconnect. There is no downside to this strap at all.

The Best Camera Backpack

This is my absolute favorite camera backpack I have ever had and the only one I use! I have this Peak Design backpack in two different sizes, the 20 and the 30. It holds all the photography gear you might need on your adventures.

I really love how customizable you can make the inside with the dividers. The side openings are awesome, so you don’t have to unzip the whole thing to get your camera or lenses. The top latched opening is great for easy access to snacks for the flight.

The best part is the easy access top zippered pocket that can fit your passport/wallet, phone, headphones, ChapStick, and other small items that you will need. I cannot say enough good things about Peak Design’s products.

Battery Backup

This is an essential piece of equipment that is included in every camera bag I take. Anker battery is slim and compact and able to recharge your phone or any other electrical competent you might need while out in the field or during travel. This particular one can recharge your phone 2.25 times!!! Never find yourself without power during your adventures.

Don’t let the stress of the season get you down! Pick up a few of my favorite travel things and make some plans to get out and explore!!!

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