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Nantucket is a gorgeous island 30 miles out to sea offering paths of cobblestone streets surrounded by cedar-shingled cottages. Nantucket is known for its posh and wealthy visitors and those that are willing to splurge on indulgences.

Most of the shops and restaurants are only open on a seasonal basis which is generally May through October.

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The island of Sherbourne, later to become Nantucket in 1695, was discovered by Bartholomew Gosnold in 1602. While he was the first outsider to find the island, it had been occupied by the native population, the Wampanoag, for some time.

The island was then settled in 1659 making the Jethro Coffin House the oldest home on the island having been built in 1686. Nantucket was a former whaling capital from 1690 to 1840.

There still exist over 800 homes that were built before the Civil War; most of which have been restored back to their former glory.

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The first female American astronomer, Maria Mitchell, was born on the island in 1818. Her home is now a museum that can be visited during your stay.

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