Historiches Museum Frankfurt

History Museum Frankfurt Germany

The Historiches Museum Frankfurt, Germany If you’re able to visit before April 2023, you will get to see an unprecedented exhibit that presents photos, videos, and artifacts from the Nazi occupation. This town had the highest population of Jews in the Reich. The display addresses very important questions about how the occupation was able to […]

Alte Oper

Alte Oper Frankfurt

While this building in Frankfurt looks ancient, it is actually a rebuild from the 1980s. The original opera house was destroyed in World War II and after public outcry, it was reconstructed. The structure now plays host to over 300 events each year ranging from operas, symphony performances, ballets, Broadway musicals, and even the rare […]

Frankfurt Imperial Cathedral (Frankfurter Dom / St. Bartholomäus Cathedral)

Frankfurt Cathedral Germany

There are so many different names for this place so it got a little complicated trying to figure out what to call it on this church. A 15th-century 328-foot tower dominates the skyline and is attached to the 13th-century cathedral that is known for its Wahlkapelle (election chapel). It served as the location for selecting […]

Frankfurt Christmas Markets

Frankfurt Germany Christmas

Frankfurt Christmas Market dates back to 1393 and played host to many events including a royal wedding in 1498 (insert Netflix movie here) and mystery theater shows. After the start of the markets, it became a local tradition to shop for gifts and treats every year amongst the stalls and vendors for the holidays. In […]


Romerberg Frankfurt Germany

Address: Römerberg This historic cobblestone square is the hub of old Frankfurt. It has served as a venue for many events such as political elections, medieval games, such as jousting, and was the sight of public executions. Here you will find half-timbered houses and shops, as well as the Old Nikolai Church, (Alte Nikolaikirche). The […]

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