Anacapri is one of only two towns that make up the island. It sits on the highest points and is less frequented by visitors. This area is known as a more relaxed section and a bit less glamorous. I love it personally. I love the fewer hordes of tourists and the quieter nature of it. There are plenty of artisan workshops, beautiful squares, and stone-paved pedestrian paths.


If you are wanting to stay on Capri and have a lower budget, give Anacapri a chance. It is a really beautiful place. It’s not hard to get to Anacapri, you can choose to take a hydrofoil or ferry from the mainland. Then once you arrive at the main port on Capri you have several options of getting to the other section of the island.

A bus service connects Marina Grande in Capri to the Piazzetta in Anacapri. The bus driver will usually announce the stop upon arrival.  


You can also use the funicular which leaves the Marina Grande port and takes passengers to the Piazzetta in the town of Capri. Once you arrive there, continue onto Anacapri via the public bus.

The last way to reach Anacapri is a taxi. This is the most expensive, usually around EUR 25 to get from the Marina Grande to the port of Anacapri. Let me tell you, it is actually worth the ride, at least one time. These are not normal taxis, they are open air giving you incredible views as you get driven around the island. 10/10 would recommend it.


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