Isui-en Garden

Isui-en Garden this is a beautiful and meticulously managed garden.

This is a beautiful and meticulously managed garden. It was designed to relax the visitor and allow them to enjoy the “borrowed scenery”. This garden is a wonderful place to enjoy cherry blossoms or autumn colors.

Designing by this technique means that the designer of the garden uses external objects, such as the Todai-Ji Temple and the Nandai-mon Gate, objects seen on the outside of the garden walls, in the layout of the interior garden. So as the visitor is walking along the paths, the tree and plant placement complements the objects on the other side of the wall. Confused? Don’t worry.  Once you are there you will see what I am talking about and it will totally make sense.

Isui-en Garden this is a beautiful and meticulously managed garden.

The wonderful teahouse on the grounds serves mugitoro, which is a sweet potato, wheat, and rice mixture respected by health-food advocates. Try the mugitoro with a cup of matcha as you enjoy the scenery.

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