Kokoen Gardens


When visiting the Himeji Castle in Himeji, Japan take a moment and walk through the beautiful gardens that surround it. The gardens were constructed in 1992 on the site of the feudal lord’s west residence and consist of nine separate gardens that are walled off. They are designed in the Edo Period style and feature a pond, tea garden, and this waterfall shown below.

Himeji Castle

Nine gardens make up the Kokoen. These include a water garden, a tea garden evergreen garden, a bamboo garden, and a flower garden. Each one is worth visiting and spending some time wandering around enjoying nature. The gardens have been designed to convey the four seasons.⁠

Nine gardens make up the Kokoen.

These gardens were constructed in 1993 and are based on the Edo period styles. The gardens are actually authentic enough for historical dramas and movies to be filmed here. If you have a few extra minutes, enjoy some green tea served in the tea ceremony house and garden.

These gardens were constructed in 1993 and are based on the Edo period styles

Prior to the garden’s construction, several excavations were conducted to research the area and its history. During this research, high-ranking samurai homes were found along with the castle’s Lord’s west residence.

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Best Time to Visit: These gardens are great to visit in any season. The lighting is better in the morning or late afternoon.

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