Mount Shosha

Mount Shosha.

If you feel like doing some hiking, consider this option. The Mount Shosha temple was featured in the movie, the Last Samurai and many other movies and tv shows because of its amazing scenery and lack of modern objects in the area.

This temple is a complex that has over 1000 years of history. Start at Maiden is a gorgeous wooden temple hall that was built on a steep incline on pillars. Religious pilgrims come to the Maniden in order to receive scrolls that are stamped with the temple’s special seal. Walk about five minutes along a forested path to three more structures known as Mitsunodo. The main hall is Daikodo and the residence and dining hall is Jikido. The gym, known as Jogyodo, is also part of this grouping of buildings. Continue walking to discover more buildings and observation points over the town of Himeji.

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