Olympian Zeus Temple

Olympian Zeus Temple

This impressive structure was started in the 6th century by Pisistratos but construction halted either because of a lack of money or because the builder’s son, Hippias, was kicked off the throne in 510 B.C. Emperor Hadrian finally completed the temple in 131 A.D., almost seven hundred years later.

Originally there were 104 Corinthian columns, however, only 15 remain standing. Emperor Hadrian erected a giant gold and ivory statue of Zeus. Then, not to be outdone by the gods, had one constructed the same size as Zeus, of himself. Don’t go looking for these statues, they are no longer there. Most likely everything was destroyed in an earthquake during the medieval period. Afterward, the pieces were hauled away for use in other building projects such as the temple of Jupiter in Rome.

To stand next to these large columns in person is an incredible experience, you will feel extremely small!

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Best Time to Visit: Anytime to visit is great but if you want really nice lighting, go early in the morning or later in the afternoon.

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Olympian Zeus Temple


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