Theme cafes

Theme cafes

This is an opportunity that cannot be missed and there are so many cafes to choose from!!!

Have a meal at any number of themed places like a vampire, video game, Alice in Wonderland, Pokémon, anime, robot, maid and so many more.

Theme cafes

I visited the Cat Café Mocha Lounge which is one of the largest cat cafes in Japan. There are adorable munchkins, ragdoll, Norwegian forest, Persian, Egyptian Mau, Skookum, Bengal, Scottish Fold, and Siberian breed cats. I really liked this place because the cats had the opportunity to leave the human area if they were tired of dealing with needy people and wanted to have some quiet time. All the cats are very well taken care of and of course, well-loved.

Cat Café Mocha Lounge

I also visited the Moomin Café because I thought the Scandinavian characters were adorable. I later found out that this particular café is known for its “anti-loneliness” factor.

 Moomin Café 

If you are dining alone, you can choose a Moomin to sit with you so you are no longer “lonely”. Crazy, right!? We visited the café and got to sit with several large stuffed Moomins. I will warn you that the food isn’t that great, but it is a cool atmosphere and a neat experience.

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