Yanaka Ginza District

Yanaka Ginza District

This is a must-see in Tokyo.  The ambiance is reminiscent of the city from days long past. These types of areas are also known as “shiamachi”. This district is within walking distance from Ueno Park and shows visitors another side of Tokyo. Everything from produce, clothes, and toys can be found within this shopping district. The prices are relatively inexpensive for the goods and the snacks and finger foods cost under 50 yen. You will find both locals and tourists frequenting the area enjoying the charm and nostalgia.

If you want to learn more about the activities and things to do in the district, drop by the Yanesen Tourist Information Center to join classes on things like Japanese ink painting, calligraphy, flower art, and kabuki dressing.

Stroll down Yomise-dori Street to find a manju shop. A Manju is a bun with different types of fillings, including some odd flavors like black sugar and green tea. Since they only cost 10 yen (9 cents) and come in packs of ten, feel free to experiment with a large variety.

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Best Time to Visit: If you are arriving in Japan during cherry blossom season take a stroll through the Yanaka Cemetery’s main pathway that is lined with cherry trees.

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