Brussels Grand Place (Grote Market)

Grand place Brussels Belgium

Brussels Grand Place (Grote Market) is the most memorable landmark in the city and is recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These reasons are likely why Grand Place is one of the most photographed areas in the city. The City Hall or Hotel de Ville displays Gothic architecture and was one of the few buildings still standing in 1695 after a bombardment led by Marshal De Villeroy and French troops at the direction of Louis XIV.   The top of the bell tower at City Hall displays a statue of Saint Michael killing a demon and is the most famous landmark of the square. You are able to explore the building, but only by way of guided tours that can be purchased at the front office for about seven euros.

Brussels Grand Place (Grote Market)

The King’s House, nearby, is home to the City Museum. The Guildhouses were built with gilded gables and Renaissance or Baroque architecture that displayed the wealth and status of its occupants.  What makes this square so different then most of the squares in Europe is that there is no church in this area. In the 13th century, there were three indoor markets selling meat, bread, and cloth. I would recommend arriving early in the morning to see the square without a lot of visitors.

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