Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas Store

kathe wohlfahrt rothenburg

Address: Herrngasse 1, 91541 Rothenburg ob der Tauber

Located in the center of town is Christmas World! Literally, anything and everything you could possibly want and imagine that is holiday-related can be found in this shop. Every inch of its 16,000 sq feet is packed to the gills with ornaments, nutcrackers, pyramids, and, well, Christmas!

Many items inside Käthe Wohlfahrt Christmas Store are high-quality, German-crafted objects. In keeping with the traditional crafting of these items, the practice of skills continues and flourishes.

Don’t miss out on the little German Christmas Museum that is upstairs. It exhibits Christmas through the ages by displaying how decorations have changed with time. The mini-Christmas trees in boxes that were sent to soldiers on the front line during World War I are extremely interesting.

You will see a few more of these shops and popups in other markets around Europe but this one is truly special because this is the original one.

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