Tenryu-ji Temple


This is one of the biggest attractions in Kyoto. The finest gardens and sprawling views of the Tenryu-ji Temple draw visitors from all over the world. It is a registered world heritage site and was constructed in 1339 by the ruling shogun, Ashikaga Takauji, to appease the former emperor’s spirits. He dedicated this temple to the then Emperor Go-Daigo who was his ally. However, Takauji turned against the emperor in a power struggle over the rule of Japan.

Take off your shoes and start at the main hall to get an overview of the famous gardens and pond. Put your shoes back on and go out to explore the gardens that have stood the test of time while the buildings have had to be rebuilt because of fire and war. The mountains of Arashiyama provide a great example of shakkei (borrowed scenery) to the design of the garden.

After you are done at this site exit by the north gate and take a left. This will take you into the famous bamboo grove.

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