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Whaling Museum

An amazing place depicting the bloody business of whaling and the wealth the island enjoyed during the height of its industry. It offers a unique look into the island’s history with interactive displays and even a 46-foot whale skeleton. Herman Melville came to Nantucket as a tourist and the famous story of Moby Dick was influenced by his impressions and experiences of the island.

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*If the topic of whaling history interests you, I would also suggest a trip to the large Whaling Museum in New Bedford, MA. Next to the museum there stands the Seamen’s Bethel.

This church is also a must-see as you may sit in the Melville pew where he was inspired to write about the death of Captain Ahab by way of a true story of a young man whose tale is inscribed on a plaque hanging on the wall.

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Travel the island using one of the many rental shops and enjoy the gorgeous scenery of seaside cottages and beautiful beaches. If you decide to stay on the island, some of the hotels actually provide bicycles for their guests’ use.


Sandy spots are everywhere and all of them are beautiful and open to the public. Some have lifeguards on duty and clean bathrooms for public use.

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One of my favorite shops is the Nantucket Whaler. My family and I have purchased several items from this shop and are thrilled with the quality and style of each item. There are many other high-end shops and boutiques on the island that offer all kinds of clothing, bags, and other trinkets.

Roam around the Historic District, a lovely area that has shops and restaurants strewn along the cobblestone streets. Click here for a shopping guide.

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