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Oak Bluffs is one of two ferry ports used to enter Martha’s Vineyard, America. It is a nice harbor village with many different shops and restaurants. Ferries are taken from Woods Hole or Hyannis directly to Oak Bluffs. Purchase tickets for passengers and vehicles at Steamship Authority.


Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association

One of the must-sees is the Martha’s Vineyard Camp Meeting Association. These houses are beautifully restored gingerbread-looking buildings. You can take a nice stroll through the homes that have historic roots dating back to the early 1800s. Concerts are held at the beautiful tabernacle.


Ocean Park

Ocean Park

Don’t miss the manicured Ocean Park. It is a large open space close to the waterfront that contains fountains and benches where one can sit and enjoy the great weather that the island boasts while watching the world go by. Picnics and children playing are common sights. Outdoor events are sometimes held there as well. 

Ocean Park

Island Alpaca Company

One of my family’s favorites to visit is the Island Alpaca Company. Visit April through November to see these adorable animals. 

Island Alpaca Company

There is also a small shop that sells all sorts of alpaca-based products, such as clothing and other handicrafts. The company offers many different programs like alpaca yoga and the opportunity to take an alpaca on a walk around their expansive grounds.


East Chop Lighthouse

East Chop Lighthouse

My favorite place in Oaks Bluffs to visit is the East Chop Lighthouse that is located just beyond downtown Oaks Bluffs. If it is a nice day, I suggest walking or biking out to it. The lighthouse was built in 1869 with private funds gathered by Captain Silas Daggett from maritime insurance companies and other businesses that held commercial interests.

In 1871 the first lighthouse burned down and had to be rebuilt again by Captain Daggett. After appealing to the federal government, the second lighthouse was taken down and the current one was built in 1878.


Foodie Stops

Back Door Donuts – You must get the apple fritters which are always hot

Mocha Motts coffee shop –  Piping hot or iced coffee along with yummy treats

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