Piazza Umberto I

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The beating heart of Capri lies in Piazza Umberto. This central meeting point is the perfect place to relax and immerse oneself in the Mediterranean atmosphere of the island. Located not far from the popular shopping streets, the vibrant energy emanating from the plaza serves as a constant reminder that Piazza Umberto is the very soul of Capri.

Piazza Umberto I statue of girl with moon capri italy

Apart from being a shopping destination, Piazza Umberto offers so much more. With its iconic clock tower overseeing the square and breathtaking sunset views of the cliffs, this is an ideal location to either start or end your journey on the island. To fully appreciate this Capri attraction, insiders suggest waiting until after the departure of the cruise ship passengers so that it will not be as crowded.

Piazza Umberto I ristorante Pulalli

For the best views of the square, reserve a meal at Ristorante Pulalli. This bistro not only offers great local cuisine but also offers exceptional views of the island and the piazza itself from the balcony and the tiny terrace on the back side of the restaurant.

Piazza Umberto I

I love the staircase you will see off to the side of the square that is always covered in flowers.

Piazza Umberto I staircase

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