Phoenician Steps

Phoenician Steps

For a while, the only connection between the port of Marina Grande and Anacapri was the Phoenician Steps. These 921 stone steps are now a huge tourist attraction. It was once believed that the stairs had been built by the Phoenicians however, recent studies have found that they were constructed by the Ancient Greeks between the 7th and 6th century B.C.

Until 1874 when the carriageway between Capri and Anacapri was constructed, the steps were the only connection to other parts of the island. Anacapri had no wells and only the small Truglio spring to supply fresh water. So, women were required to walk down the almost 1000 steps to gather water in heavy vases and climb the almost 1000 steps back up carrying it on their heads… Not a great time to be alive… or be female.

You will notice some crosses carved into the stone. These were commissioned by the Bishops of Capri to ask for divine protection against the rock falls. These rock falls, which happened frequently, and would rain down on the people navigating the staircase.

If you are in great shape and have little to no body fat you can summit the steps in a matter of 40 minutes or less. If you are a lesser mortal, such as me, it will take a couple of hours. Take your time and be sure to enjoy the views. Just move to one side to let others pass. You will arrive in Anacapri and will be welcomed by the Villa San Michele.

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Best Time to Visit: Location: You can find the steps at the Marina Grande close to the Palazzo al Mare. You will come across a brick ramp and a sign indicating the start of the steps. While the first few sets of steps seem easy enough, just know they get much steeper and higher. It is recommended that you climb up the steps and not down. There are very high risers on some of the steps and they are very steep.

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